Diocesan Ministry Fund

What does it fund? The Diocesan Ministry Fund pays for the Bishop’s ministries that can’t be provided at the parish level – like prison and hospital ministry, seminarian and deacon formation, the Marriage Tribunal, Hispanic Ministry, and so on.

What other Dioceses do this?
All but two of the Dioceses in the United States have similar funding campaigns. The two that don’t take money directly from the parish instead of parishioners.

How is the assessment calculated?
Our Diocese applies a 22 ½% assessment to the average annual collection income over the past three years.

Is our DMF more than other parishes?
No. That is, the same percentage and same formula are used for every parish in the Diocese.  Some, therefore, pay more and some less, depending on the size of the yearly Sunday collection.

What if we don’t pay it?
Like student loan debt, DMF debt never goes away.  The DMF fiscal year is from February 1 to January 31 (the parish’s fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30).  Whatever moneys remain unpaid January 31 becomes “debt to the Diocese” in the parish’s next fiscal year.

For more information visit the DMF website at: http://www.diocesanministryfund.org/

We have DMF envelopes in the pews, or you may go online to pledge at http://www.diocesanministryfund.org/