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Links for Sunday Mass on July 5th @ 9:00 am:

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Contributions to the parish are appreciated and can be made by mail or online. Please do not drop off envelopes at the Parish Office Mailbox. Instead, mail them to the parish at 1708 Horseshoe Drive, Pueblo, CO 81001. We will pick them up at the Post Office. Blessings on your day!
The link for Online Giving is:

ANIMA CHRISTI (Spiritual Communion Prayer)

Soul of Christ, make me holy.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, drench me.
Water flowing from Christ’s side, wash me clean.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O good Jesus, hear me.
Within your wounds, hide me.
Let me never be separated from you.
From the evil enemy defend me.
At the hour of death call me
and bid me come join you
that with your saints I may praise you
forever and ever. Amen.

 If you would like a Mass offered for someone living or deceased please email Mary Meissner at to make arrangements. The usual stipend is ten dollars.

Please watch for any changes  or special Mass times here.  They will be posted as they occur.

Activities at Christ the King Parish in Pueblo are not being held at this time.  Please watch our Facebook page and our Webpage for updates.

Morning Mass at 7:30AM Tuesday through Saturday.  Limit of 30 people.  Masks must be worn and social distancing practiced.

Fr. John will hear confessions on Tuesday, June 30th starting at 8:00am near the parish office. Masks must be worn.