DMF 2020





I’m launching our annual Diocesan Ministry Fund (DMF) appeal two weeks early because I’ll be gone two weekends in February and don’t want to burden Fr. Larry Solan (my substitute) with raising pledges. February 29 (it’s a leap year) is still the official end of our pledge efforts.

First, thanks for everyone who pledges something extra, above and beyond their Christ the King  contribution, to DMF. Your sacrifices are the reason we reach our goal. Please continue!

Second, I appeal to everyone else to at least pledge 25% of your Christ the King contribution to DMF on your envelopes. You will be the reason we get a DMF refund!

And please, if you contribute by check or in cash every week please pledge online at

Thanks everybody!

– Fr. John O.

The above letter from Bishop Berg and a prayer card is available in the Narthex.