We have a new phone system with new staff extensions…

Our new phone system has been installed. Please note our new extensions. When you call in you will first hear a message from Fr. John. At any time during the message you can enter our direct extensions and the call will go directly to that person. This is new! If you forget the extension, you will be able to go to the staff directory by hitting 5.

You of course can also email us.

Sarah Nelson Ext. 121
Pastoral Associate for Youth and Adult Pastoral Care
Laura Fisher Escalera Ext. 113
Pastoral Associate for Religious Formation
Katharine Redmond Ext. 114
Pastoral Associate for Worship
Fr. John Ozella Ext. 116
Mary Meissner Ext. 111
Administrative Assistant – General Mailbox
Lori Judkins Ext. 118
Pastoral Associate for Liturgical Music


Courtney Lewis, Youth Minister Coordinator Ext. 252

Deacon Corey Compton Ext. 251

Randy Pfeffer/Pat Duran/Rob Flores Ext. 120

Bob Mysliwiec Ext. 115