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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Christ the King is as an Amazing Parish Family for the Northeast part of Pueblo. We are in our 64th year as a model parish.

Please support our parish life and ministries so we can continue to be Amazing and bring the Gospel to this quadrant of Pueblo and beyond. You know about tithing to support your “other” family, your parish family, and the poor. I encourage you to work up to that. Whatever you decide to share with us, please allocate one-fourth of that amount to the Diocesan Ministry Fund. This helps provide for Bishop Steve’s ministries to us and our Diocese, the Catholic Church of Southern Colorado, in which we play a vital part.

Thank you for sharing and supporting us!


Fr. John Ozella, Pastor

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What is the DMF?

dmf_bannerThe Diocesan Ministry Fund is the main source of revenue that financially supports, strengthens and nourishes the many ministries and programs provided to all parishes and missions throughout the Diocese of Pueblo. The DMF provides the much needed funding that serves over 100,000 Catholics covering 29 counties – over 50,000 square miles.

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