Our Staff – New Extenstions


Rev. John Ozella
(719) 542-9248 Ext. 116
jozella@ctkpueblo.orgFr. John Ozella became our seventh Pastor on January 9, 2017.  He will be celebrating his tenth anniversary as a priest this coming May.I was born and went to high school in Breese, Illinois. Take the county road 5 miles south and you’ll come to St. Rose, Illinois, where I grew up. Population then: 150. Largest town in the county: 2000. Rural dairy farm country.My dad was a Budget Officer at Scott Air Force Base, but his real passion was for his trumpet. He met my mom one night when she substituted for the piano player in my dad’s jazz band. She was also the organist for 2 parishes. So my sister and I grew up to the sound of music. She’s an O.R. Nurse, with two adult children.After high school, I lived in Minnesota for 10 years, including college at St. John’s University, and 3 years with the Benedictines. I studied in Israel for a semester, so I can visualize the setting for almost every Bible reading. This has really enriched my understanding of scripture.I received a law degree from St. Louis University and practiced law for 8 years, primarily real estate, probate and family law. I also spent 15 stimulating years in Northern and Southern California, working in human resources management and consulting.Besides God loving me, orthopedic surgeons love me: I’ve had 9 surgeries on my leg, hip and shoulders.After ordination, I spent 3 years as the Director of Liturgy for this Diocese, and was also the Administrator of St. Anne’s Parish. I also spent my first year here, as Msgr. Tom Adrians liked to tease me, as his “very, very, very, very part-time parochial vicar.” That means I celebrated Mass here once a week. After 3 years of priesthood, I was assigned to St. Pius X Parish in Pueblo, where I enjoyed 6 and a half wonderful years. And now, here I am.Most priests would be happy to get one plum assignment. But I got a second bite at the apple. St. Pius X Parish was a dream! And now I’m getting another plum here. There are a lot of envious clergy who are unhappy because they did not get this assignment. I am truly blessed!I love being a priest. It is a blessing to join you as the newest member of the Christ the King parish family. I ask for your prayers so I will be a good Pastor for you. Please take a minute to read my letter, in the Bulletin or online, so you can learn more about my style.Getting a new Pastor here helps us understand one point St. Paul makes in today’s Second Reading. It’s that the parish is not the whole Church. Paul refers to “the church of God that is in Corinth.” He’s reminding the Corinthians that their church is part of the universal Church. There’s only one People of God, and the Corinthians are not the whole People of God. They can’t just focus on themselves and their own problems.Nor can we here make that same mistake, and think we’re the whole Body of Christ. Our care and concern for Christians extends beyond Christ the King — especially to our Diocese and to the American Catholic Church. We belong to them — not the other way around.

Corey Compton
(719) 542-9248  Ext. 251

Deacon Corey Compton came to Christ the King on August 7, 2017 from St. Benedicts in Florence where he served a variety of ministerial roles. He is a lifelong Catholic who answered the call to the diaconate and was ordained in August 2017.  He is married to Louise and they have three children.



Laura Fisher Escalera
Pastoral Associate for Religious Education
(719) 542-9248 ext. 113
lescalera@ctkpueblo.orgLaura Fisher Escalera has 17 years of experience in Religious Formation at Christ the King. She holds a Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry from the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley, CA. She has two children, Anika and James.
Lori Judkins
Pastoral Associate for Liturgical Music
(719) 542-9248 Ext. 118
judkins.lori@yahoo.com*Born and raised in Montana and Idaho
*USN Veteran;  Mother of 3;  “Grammie” of 2
*Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education, CSU-Pueblo
*Teacher of private piano and voice 35 years
*Serving the Diocese of Pueblo since 2006;  CTK since 2008
*Additionally, Artistic Director of Fremont Civic Choir;   Accompanist for Pueblo Children’s Chorale;   Accompanist for All-City High School Honor Choir
Sarah_NelsonSarah Nelson
Pastoral Associate for Youth and Pastoral Care
(719) 542-9248 Ext. 121
snelson@ctkpueblo.orgSarah Nelson has served in a variety of ministerial roles, including Coordination of Children, Youth and Adult Formation and Sacramental Preparation. She grew up Protestant and came into Full Communion with the Catholic Church in 2002. Feeling called to serve in the Church, she obtained her degree in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville Ohio. She is married and has 3 children. 







Katharine Redmond
Pastoral Associate for Worship
(719) 542-9248 Ext. 114


Kathy came to Christ the King in early 2017 and was hired later that year as the Pastoral Associate for Worship. She has been a volunteer with numerous ministries in the Catholic Church for over 20 years.  Kathy worked as an investigative social worker for Pueblo County for 30 years and as a psychotherapist in private practice for 8 years before retiring.  She was married to Gordon Redmond for 29 years before his passing in 2012.  She says she loves her job at CTK because it affords her those things she loves: Jesus, talking, people and hugs!.

Mary Meissner
Administrative Assistant
(719) 542-9248 Ext. 111

April 15, 2020 marked my 22nd year at Christ the King. I am the Administrator of our Parish Webpage and Facebook page. I am married and the mother of two children.  Please email me if I can be of assistance.


Courtney Lewis
Youth Minister Coordinator, (719) 542-9248  Ext. 252


I am a senior at Colorado State University – Pueblo and will be earning my Bachelor of Science in Sociology in May, 2020. This July I was blessed enough to start an internship with Christ the King Parish as a Youth Minister Coordinator and I couldn’t be any more ecstatic. I grew up in Denver and was raised as a Cradle Catholic with wonderful parents who always helped me get involved with the Church.. During high school I was able to join in my Freshman year at Holy Family High School in Broomfield, Colorado and that is where my story began. Freshman year I experienced my first Theology class ever where I got to go into detail about learning a subject I was so passionate about. After seeing the zeal in the eyes of all my Theology teachers when they discussed Catholicism, it helped me fall in love for my faith even more and I realized my calling was to take on some sort of career teaching Catholic Theology and helping the youth grow in their faith just like they did for me. I learned about the roots of Catholicism, went into depth of the Old Testament, the New Testament, Church History, Apologetic, Catholic Marriage, as well as Faith and Reason Honors classes. I have never given up this dream and dedicated my high school career into reaching every opportunity I could to deepen my knowledge in Catholicism. I involved myself in leadership roles for retreats, a huge one I would like to mention was Kairos where I had a team of student leaders working together with me and the teachers to bring the students closer to Christ. I have never felt more at peace, never felt more full of the Holy Spirit in those moments, knowing that I am falling into God’s Perfect Will for me. Giving motivational speeches to students about living their faith and teaching friends and family about Christ’s love for us, I knew I was on the right path. This, has truly been my calling and it is the closet thing to Heaven I can experience here on earth. I have experienced a plethora of conferences from Steubenville of the Rockies as a high school teen and going to Student Leadership Summits and SEEK throughout college. These experiences have helped me grow as a leader and strengthened my passion for evangelizing others and leading the youth towards Christ’s Heart. I plan to get my Masters in Theology in the next couple years and just seeing where God’s next path is for me to take and I couldn’t be more excited!

Courtney Lewis will be working underneath the mentor ship and guidance of Sarah Nelson and Laura Escalera. Together they will continue to create a vision for forming children, teens and families to grow in their love and knowledge of Christ within His Church.



Randy Pfeffer
Maintenance Coordinator
(719) 542-9248 Ext. 120

Pat Duran
(719) 542-9248 Ext. 120

Sally Meissner
Parish Assistant
(719) 542-9248

Bob Mysliwiec
Assistant Controller
(719) 542-9248  Ext. 115