Really Good Vocation Videos – World Day of Prayer for Vocations – April 30, 2023 – Resource Links

Discernment 101 – Fr. Mike Schmitz (6:09)

Fr. Mike shares two important pieces of advice:
First, discernment requires action, and second,
you can only discern one vocation at a time.

A Day in the Life of a Seminarian – Conception Seminary (11:40)

Is seminary boring? Will I be lonely and sad?
Absolutely not! Join seminarian Trevor Fischer as he walks
through daily life at his seminary.

For Love Alone – CMSWR (17:21)

Epic short film about the beauty and joy of religious life!
Hear the stories of women who have given up everything-
but gained so much more.

Don’t Become a Priest – Breaking in the Habit (6:37)

Should you go to seminary just because the Church
needs more priests? No! Learn about the kind of men the
Church really needs.

How to Find “The One” – Jackie & Bobby (9:15)

How do you know if you’ve found the right person to marry?
Jackie shares wisdom on dating as a Catholic and being
realistic about marriage.

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