Resources to talk with kids about the school shooting

The latest news about the school shooting in Uvalde, TX has certainly left me rattled.  I have been praying for all those involved in this horrible tragedy.
Please send your prayers up to a God who loves us and cares for us.  God hears our prayers.
If your children are distraught about this (or you work with children) I found these article from Group Publishing – a well-respected Christian publisher.
I thought they were very good and helpful.  I’m sharing them here for you.
Helping Children Process the School Shooting in Uvalde, TX
Trauma Toolkit: 4 Things You Can Do To Help Kids Heal
6 Secrets to Raising Fearless Kids in a Fear-Filled World
Ministering to Kids in Crisis When You Don’t Have a Counseling Degree

Helping Children to Cope with Violence and Tragedy – Again

In addition, Fr. Carl shared this prayer with me from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in case that would be helpful to you.
Order for the Blessing of a Victim of Crime or Oppression
Blessings on all of you.  Prayers for a more peaceful world.
Laura Escalera
Christ the King Parish