Four Levels of Happiness
Discussion questions
Level 1: Pleasures of the world. Food, environment, feeling.1. Describe your best meal. How many courses? What kinds of food?
2. What location do you find yourself happiest?
3. What is an experience you’ve had in which you were not happy because of the absence of level one things?
Level 2: Accomplishments and Achievements
1. What is a compliment that you’ve been given or a consistent compliment you received that is meaningful?
2. What has been your greatest accomplishment in life?
3. What is an obstacle that hinders your level 2 happiness? (Comparison, impatience, perfectionism, etc)
Level 3:
1. Who are people you feel closest to? What do you appreciate about them?
2. When have you been happy in serving others?
3. What keeps you from focusing on others?
Level 4:
1. What’s the most beautiful church or place you’ve visited?
2. When have you sensed God’s presence? Where was it? What was it like?
3. What realities in your life keep you from level four happiness?

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