Attention all Lectors:  there will be a short but important meeting for all Lectors after the Saturday and Sunday morning masses NEXT WEEKEND, November 11 and 12. If anyone is interested in joining this ministry you are also welcome to attend.       

Proclaimers are called to assist in the Proclamation of the Word of God out of a deep, prayerful reflection on the structure and meaning of the text. When the reading emerges out of prayer, and is in turn prayerfully proclaimed, it truly becomes the Word of God in people’s hearing.

For the words on the page to be truly “the Word of the Lord” this requires of the lector:

  • Careful reading and re-reading of the text to understand its fundamental structure and meaning.


  • Prayer with the text to savor and allow it to resound in mind, heart, and soul within.
  • Repeated reading of the text out loud so that its meaning and structure might reveal themselves, and so prayer might come to fruit in expressing meaning.

For these reasons, the church has high expectations for all who proclaim the living Word of God to the Assembly. They must be qualified, trained and carefully prepared.

Proclaimer Ministry Guidelines for 2020:  Click here