Pack Catholic at Colorado State University – Pueblo


pack-catholic-logoPack Catholic is a Christian campus outreach in the Roman Catholic Tradition at Colorado State University – Pueblo. Pack Catholic honors both Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition.  They seek to continue to grow in their search for meaning and understanding in relationship to the Mystery we call God.

They see themselves as pilgrims on a path seeking friends along the journey. Their goal is to grow their student community and support one another, challenge one another, and serve one another, the Church, and the world. Whether you are currently practicing your faith or not, you are welcome to join this

PCC College Students are invited to join us too!

For more information please contact:

Jonah Kottenstette at 719-248-7166

Please watch the Pack Catholic Facebook page for details as to where they will meet this year.

Click here for Pope Francis’ Advice for College Students.

Click here to go to their Facebook page.

All students are invited to join us for Mass and other activities offered in the parishes.

Pack Catholic News:

There are three ways in which you could support our college students.

  1. Friendship: When you see a young adult, greet them, get to know them, and offer your friendship to them.
  2. Prayer: Pray for them. These young adults need our prayers to grow into the Leader’s God is calling them to be.
  3. Financial assistance. These are college students with bills, student loans, tuition and rent. They are attending because they want to grow in their relationship with Christ and become the next generation of leaders for our Diocese.  If you feel called, please consider making a donation (of any size) towards their conference travel fee’s and expenses.  The estimated costs for the Conference are around $700.00 per person.


Congratulations to those members of CSU Pueblo Pack Catholic who were fully initiated into the Catholic Church April 23, 2017 at the 10:45am Mass!  

Rogelio Arreguin-Mancera, Theresa Arreguin-Mancera, Jesus Arreguin-Mancera, Bailey Bulter, Priscilla Edwards, Cameron Iverson, Danielle Miller and Maria Rios

 Please welcome the University students into our community.

Thank you to Jonathan Jesik,  Theresa Easland and Sarah Nelson for guiding these young adults this past year.