Altar Servers

Altar Servers have always been a part of the Church’s liturgies – even at The Last Supper, someone had to set the table. They serve God and God’s People by helping the Priest and Deacon so a liturgical celebration is conducted with grace and reverence and flows smoothly.

They ensure that all items required for the celebration are available at the time they are needed. It is a special privilege to be close to the altar, to carry the cross and the light of Christ, to wear the robe of baptism, to hold the book of prayers – even to make holy smoke!

Altar Servers are first of all members of the Assembly. They fully and actively participate in every liturgical celebration. Besides handling all of the items required for a celebration, they sing, pray, listen and maintain silence along with the entire Assembly, and respond with words, postures and gestures with the entire Assembly.

Altar Servers are “front and center” at the Eucharistic Liturgy. They are to be conscious that their name reflects their ministry: they are servers. They do not draw attention to themselves – they serve God humbly by helping the other ministers and the Assembly so that the celebration of the Eucharist is possible.

Altar Server Guidelines – February 2022:  click here