A resource for conversing with your teen

Hello parents and guardians –

I recently ran across an email that said “Stuck at Home with Your Teen?  Watch this…”  What a great opening line!  I’m loving being home with my teenagers, but I’m always looking for better ways to communicate with them.  Part of that is learning their language.  This link is for a Christian company called Axis – and it helps you understand your teenager’s vocabulary and what is going on in their lives.  It also helps you connect that to Gospel values.  And it doesn’t cost you anything – they send newsletters for free.  They are releasing three 10 minute video’s over the next few days to help you have meaningful conversations with your teen.
Here is a link to watch the first video and learn more about Axis:

Laura Fisher Escalera
Pastoral Associate for Religious Formation
Christ the King Parish
(719) 542-9248 ext. 113